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Check-in/out. Tracking. Reporting.

K12 Asset ProTM

Everything you need to track, manage, and report on all your assets. Designed specifically for K-12.

Designed for K12


Checkout assets to your students, staff, or locations. Track every asset so you always know where it should be and who is responsible for it.

Mobile Scanner

Quickly checkout, add, edit, and manage assets on the go. Mobile scanners are perfect for IT and Media staff.

Role-Based Permissions

Safely grant only the needed permissions to staff based on their roles. Easily distribute asset responsibilities by staff.

Bulk Upload/Edit

Quickly add assets, users, and more with our bulk upload and edit tools. No more lengthy processes by hand.

Track by Funding Source

Stay in compliance by tracking your assets by funding source. Easily generate reports for all your Federal Programs assets.


Generate reports for all your asset needs. Report on assets by location, status, funding source, type, category, value, or any other data source required.

Sync W/ Other tools

Sync your data across all your software programs including Harris NextGen, SmartFusion, InfiniteVisions, Active Directory, and more.

Disposal Records

Dispose retired assets while maintaining records for compliance.

Track Accessories

Track un-tagged bulk items such as furniture, keyboards, laptop chargers etc.

Check-in. Check-out. Track.

One-to-one Devices

• Manage all your technology devices in one place

• Check-out devices to students and staff

• Record maintenance reports and costs

• Track devices by User and Location

stay compliant

Track assets by funding source

Stay compliant with State and Federal regulations by tracking all assets by funding source. Easily build and file reports for all your assets purchased with Federal funds.


Manage on the go

Mobile Barcode Scanner

K12 Asset Pro pairs with our mobile scanners letting you quickly checkout, add, edit, and manage assets on the go. Barcode scanners are perfect for your Technology and Media staff.

Happy Customers

Best In Class Customer Support

We provide unlimited white-glove customer support including strategic advice and consulting. Our team is happy to help you with anything from uploading data to setting up your account to providing free training sessions for your staff. Our customers and support team are on a first-name basis because we are always here to help!

Pricing and Demo

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