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Add New Asset

1) Click on the blue “Create New” button at the top of the window, then select “Asset”.

2) Fill in all relevant data fields. If the Location, Model, Status, or Supplier, that you need to select is not available in the dropdown you can click the “New” button to add in the proper selection. See Step 3 for adding a new Model. If you need to create a new Funding Source you must exit the New Asset screen and add a new Funding Source via the Funding Source menu.

3) If you need enter a new Model while adding a new asset, click on the “New” button next to Model then fill out the required fields. If you need to select a Manufacturer or Category that is not present in the dropdown menu you will need to exit the New Asset screen and add a new Manufacturer or Category first and then come back to the New Asset screen and begin adding your new asset again. The Manufacturer and Category menus are located under the Settings menu on the left-side navigation panel. After you have entered all the Model information click “Save”.

[Note: If the new Model requires depreciation, this can only be added by adding the Model via the main Model menu which can be reached from the left-side navigation > Settings > Asset Models. See more about adding new Models here.]

4) If you have selected a deployable status type (Active) then you will be presented with the option directly assign/checkout the asset to a User, Asset, or Location right at the point of asset creation. For more information on checking out an asset see the main checkout article here.

5) After you have entered all new asset information, click the “Save” button. You will then be taken to the Asset Detail page for the newly created asset.

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